Security & Privacy

Implement security controls, maintain the security level and identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools


The variety of threats for your datacenter continues to emerge and traditional security measures are not able to appropriately cope with these new threats. These new threats might cause devastating damage to your data and systems. You need to decrease the likelihood of a security breach.

Solution: Advanced Modern Datacenter Security

Advanced modern data center security provides additional important security benefits over the basic datacenter security implementation. It focusses on protecting Identity and Access, Datacenter Data and Infrastructure. Furthermore, it provides additional detection methods for threats and automatic responses.

With Advanced Modern Datacenter Security you can:

  • provide and approve Just-in-Time access to Azure Resources,
  • easily conduct periodic Access Reviews,
  • have more control over security and resource auditing,
  • mitigate identity risks.

Other Security and Privacy solutions

  • Advanced Modern Workplace Security
  • Security Maturity Scan
  • Vulnerability Scanning

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We will start with a short assessment of the current state of each pillar. We implement the Microsoft solution components to the end-state of Advanced Modern Workplace Security and help you in the adoption of the solution. We use the Scrum method to deliver the most value for your company as soon as possible. Together we will build, review, retrospect and plan the implementation of the solution Advanced Modern Workplace Security solution.

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