Our story

Trust, Transparency, Co-operate and Learn every day

Cloud Solution Provider

Gridly is a Cloud Solution Provider that offers Microsoft Azure solutions to mainly Dutch ISVs, legal-, financial- and health organizations. We promise that we will convert our knowledge and expertise about Cloud technology into flexible and secure solutions for organizations with the aim of a stronger focus on their core business, so that they can adapt quickly and easily to changes in the market.


Our company name is derived from working as a network (Grid) and focusing on tasks that you are good at in order to achieve the best result together. Our key values are:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Co-operate
  • Learn every day

For Employees

We offer a great working environment for people who want to work with the latest Microsoft technologies by focusing on personal growth, culture, appreciation and reward.


We will do this by focusing on your wishes and requirements and match these with the latest technologies available.

We believe that we should deliver value as soon as possible while we maintain in control and adhere to the “First-time-right”-mindset.

We also believe in continuous improvement. Therefor we have adopted Scrum in our daily routine. We use iterations of 2 weeks to deliver direct value to our customers.

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